All posts in May 2010

  • mini ramp session

    went skating to my friends Lukas home. he has this sick mini ramp setup in his house. so sick. had a lot of fun still sucked at skating. ate shit a couple times and got some fake skate shoots that my brohim Urby took. hehe


  • our last night in New York

    after all the meetings we did there we went out to the city for a bit. we went to this club called THE BOX. it was a theater turned into a club. they had stage acts on during the evening some of them were insane. from juggling to dancing to singing… all in all a super good time with the crew.


  • when it comes to fun… for sure the best day ever

    woke up early and got some surf in. it was about 1.5m big and really clean. perfect for me.

    did meetings for the 2012 product for most of the day. it is really cool to actually be involved with the whole process.

    skated a bit for lunch.

    flew from New York to Boston.

    went to the NBA game set court-side. holly smokes. the sickest thing ever. boston lost but an amazing game. if they won they would play the finals.

    flew back to New York after the game.

    not a bad day at all thank you Jake.


  • made it to New York

    just woke up here at jake burtons house. about to go surf in an hour. it might be a little bit cold but its been too long since i got one on the head. heh. bought the new pleasure on the airport. my homie nejc ferjan has a nice sequence in there as well as this monkey.