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  • today

    we were filming for the grilomentary today again. we filmed a shoot here in the hood and than went to K4. and we were laughing so hard for 5h straight. in the last shoot my brohims andro and lauka had to throw down one sentence and i was not sure if we are gonna leak our pants from laughing or get the shoot first.

  • yesterday

    i was judging red bull manny mania yesterday. and it was insane. they were skating so good and i think the level of skateboarding in slovenia did a big step yesterday. 20868_441659761653_694666653_5864499_1830166_n

  • the documentary

    red bull is doing a documentary about well me… heheh. sounds funny when i write this. but it will be a movie that will show my youth as a snowboarder all the way till now when i am old and rusty. heh. there will be a bunch of other events that will happen through the movie. and there is also some acting part. which we started to film yesterday. the whole set was setup really professionally and we had actors and make up and all sorts of things.
    the movie will come out in december… here are a couple shoots with the actor Ula and some Mujo.


  • shooting for red bull manny mania today… still the worst skater in the world

    i was milking it big time today. we had to get some skate shots done today. there were 2 problems, it was raining and i cant do any tricks. so this are a few photos. it happens in snowboarding also very often that you milk it big time. usually just do any minishred to get a photo done…