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  • bali times

    i been having a blast for the first 2 weeks here in bali. just chilling surfing playing soccer on the beach. mad fun. then i got this eye infection and half of our house got it also. i do a trip to a hospital here every year so i couldnt just stay healthy this one. heh…. photo/sani alibabic

  • on the way to bali

    i have been home since the last post, just enjoying summer but mostly being super lazy.hehe. boarded the plane today for a long trip. the plan is to go to bali and surf for 3 weeks, than go to New Zealand for some riding and a contest for 2 or 3 weeks and than go back to bali for a week on the way home. i will be home in 2 months. i have done this trip a couple times now and i have to admit it is my favorite time of the year. bali has become like my 2nd home so i have a big smile on my face now. a couple photos from last year.