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  • bali days

    going back to summer was awesome. it flew by so fast but it was for sure worth the visit. there was almost no waves all the 5 days i was there but my bro took some photos on this session we had. he was swimming in there for a while but all he was doing was following this surfer girl around the lineup . hehe. but he did also manage to catch us for a second. the shoot of me is what i call a slovenian (or maybe a central european) barrel, since every surfer from this part of the world is claiming his skills like he is kelly slater himself, but sadly we always are the worst surfers in the lineup. but this barrel turned out great  for me , i got the lip straight in the head and it was ringing in my ears for the next 10 min. heheheh. on the way home now after 2 months. always so stoked to go home….


  • sydney is so fucking sick….

    i was a full on tourist today… i love doing that just cruising through the city checking it out.  if i would move anywhere in the world i would move here. (or maybe mojstrana in slo…hahhahaha). i think it is a perfect city. not too big on the ocean sick surf sick people. just simply dope. i did the whole downtown and then went to bondi beach. the surf looked nice and so did the skatepark. heh. i also bought a couple souvenirs. a leather jacket, some sweaters,… heheh. i also noticed there is so manny yugos here, even more than back home. maybe even more than in their home country…switzerland. hhahaha. when i got home i heard the news that cilka won the junior worlds. congrats sis. and that just made this day perfect.


  • peace out new zealand…

    every time i come to NZ i have so much fun. there is always a really relaxed crew of people and it really fells good to start snowboarding in the winter not on glaciers. i love it here and i cant wait to come back again….







  • studio day….

    we stayed down and just shot product in the studio. did some interviews and played some football tennis. of course i charged it to the point where i hurt myself. no big deal do. should be fine tomorrow. going to bali in 2 days stoked. img_0677img_0678img_0693

  • randoms….

    we saw this random people taking a photo the other day. jack linn and me jumped in and got this cool shot. jack and his bro are getting framed for sure… heheh46248_459709935931_189859875931_6780024_6990240_n46248_459709935931_189859875931_6780024_6990240_n1