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  • new proud member of the absolut park shred team

    i have been following what the guys at the absolut park in flachau have been doing for the last few years and i think they have really done a lot when it comes to improving snowboarding in this region. it is hard to think what a good shaped park does for kids when it comes to improving at shredding and mostly keeping them focused on riding instead of other useless shit. and i think with the size of the park and the stash they have there i am for sure stoked to go shred there since it is so close to slovenia also. so i am really hipped that they put me on their shred team. it has been a couple years since i accepted any other sticker on my board but when i think someone is doing a good job i am down to be a part of it….

  • 5th at

    it was an awsome weekend and i am stoked with the 5th place. not a bad start to the season at all….