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  • triple corks….a revolution in snowboarding in one day…got 6th in the big air also

    ohhh my god, i can not believe what a day. we started with the slope elimination, 8 riders to the finals. and to be in that final is like wining any major event. the level of riding was just insane. i put down a good run at least i thought i did. but i got 12th at the end. i had the same score like shaun so i cant even claim i beat him. so lame. hehe

    than in the evening we went to do the big air. the jump had a bit flat landing. but the riding level again was amazing. i just missed the finals by a few points. on my last run i also slammed like crazy. i did the sw b 10 and lost the edge. started to slide down the landing and hit the fence pretty bad. for sore super dangerous but mega funny at the end.

    and than after just watching the level of riding go through the roof the whole day, torstein did a fucking triple cork. mad respect.


  • super stoked to be on the team

    mega stoked to be a part of this one together with eero, david benedek, wolle, and manny more. they are backing my ideas and that really means a lot to me.

    this is what eero had to say about me getting on board, i had to pay him do to be so nice. heheh

    “Marko is a wild man! so stoked he is on the team, ive always enjoyed hanging out with him and he makes me laugh every time! i believe i dont even have to talk about his boarding skills, every body knows he is a wizard on a snowboard from contests to filming. thanks Marko for bringing more international flavor to the program!”