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  • ride with tws day…

    i drove up to rogla at 5.30 and when i got up there the weather was insane. so manny little kids went to shred and we had a blast. we gave out stickers to all the people that landad tricks, with the stickers they could win prizes. was really cool to see all the smiles out there. ethan, zak and tim kevin were slaughtering the park during the session also. the 2 winners that could join the shoot at night with tws were luka jeromel and jojo. in the evening we had the whole jump set up with lights and it worked out sick. a sick session with my slovenina buddys. we rode till 2 in the morning also… what a sick day. thanks to burton, red bull, adidas, and the tws crew for the support and to all the people that came to shred.


  • transworld trip

    we have been working like hell for the last 2 days. we went to hit 2 rails and i have to say that hitting rails fells like another sport. zak and ethan are so good at it and it is so much work to get the spots dialed, specially when there is like 30cm of ice on the steps. i told tim kevin to join us and it was really cool to see him hit his first street rail.  i mean the longest rail ever and a sick trick on it is insane for a 14 year old. ethan deiss is also one of the funniest people ever. i think the best quote so far from him is…. hey, how is a millionaire called in europe. a euronare…..haha


  • day 1 transworld trip slovenia

    it seems like the crew is really stoked on slovenia. we went up vogel and it was really a nice day. etahn and zak did a few laps through the park, which seemd to be the right way to start the trip. than we hit up the backcountry and there was a bit of pow left here and there so we got to shoot some natural stuff. after the day we went to eat some horseburger. a common fast food spot for us makes people react so different. everybody likes the taste of the burger itself but it is the fact that they are eating a horse that is the scary part. hehe. we finished the day with watching the basketball game from olimpija. Red Bull hooked us up with some vip tickets and it was awsome to watch that. thanks RB. it seems like zak and ethan are really stoked on the beauty of the girls here, well…. welcome to slovenia my friends.