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  • just doubles today…. so lame

    it is really mind blowing what is going on here in tahoe. this whole private park that red bull set up for is just insane. when you come up in the morning and see it you really fell blessed. today we rode the jumps and the pipe. i gees with pat burgener doing a triple also, doubles are just lame. hehe.

    the craziest thing that happened was… that they are really stricked with no people but us 6 riders are allowed to go in here. so poachers get yelled at really badly. this one guy went under the rope and straight lined through the park. caught his edge on the flat part. scorpioned so hard that he dislocated his shoulder. it was super funny till we saw he is hurt.


  • seb did a triple cork 1440 at the red bull mayhem

    i called it and it took about 2 hours for seb toutant to confirm it craziness is about to go down… a triple cork 1440 stomped. i have seen a lot of crazy  stuff go down but that tops it off by far. restepca… red bull will release the video soon…


  • the red bull mayhem in tahoe

    i am calling this mayhem because i have a felling craziness is about to happen…when red bull does something they for sure dont play around. they are building us an insane setup. sick double line and an insane 22feet pipe. the jumps look big but perfect at the same time. there will be airbags for the jumps and the pipe. and they are putting up something called the super tramp. hehe. really exited to hit all this stuff.


  • 20tricks with transworld

    hanging out with transworld and my main man wellhousen. no homo. we shot the tricks today and it was a nice day. charles and i had to do some mellow tricks on a perfect jump here at winter park colorado. i am sun burned now, but bronzed brown tonight. hehe

    chris was so stoked on slovenia he is rocking it on his board. chea