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  • BRTN roundtable New York

    we did meetings for the product that will come into stores in 2 years. and it is amazing how you think that everything has been done and developed to perfection but this guys just keep coming up with better more interesting stuff. we do meetings at jakes house from 9 am to 8pm pretty much. we go over every product that burton makes and we say if it is good or if they should change something. i am always blown away how much these guys listen. burton is really rider driven it is not just some made up marketing word.


  • SMETALO in mammoth

    we have been in mammoth waiting for the sun to come out. didnt really happen till today. my heel is ayways done so i am more or less a SMETALO around here. hahah. red bull makes some cool stuff i have to say. and the jump they build is just next level… the shoots in the movie will look insane…