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  • Tahoe with Burton

    the last weeks we have been in Tahoe. we had this jump build for us and it was awesome to hit it. it is really cool to be the whole crew together. that does not happen manny times during the season since we are all on different programs. we rode a lot and just did fun stuff when we had time off. there was a lot of ass whooping like when me and andro teamed up in tennis and smoked those fools. heh

  • Sun Valley shot with Burton

    we had a sick setup here in Idaho for the last few days. a really legit double line. the crew was mikkel, danny D, WerDog, Roope, Andreas W and Seppstafary. we had a few really cool sessions and smiles were all over the place. i think the best moment might have been when Danny came with a brand new outfit and on his first run hit this side hit on the jump. send it way too far and flew into the dirt that was on the outrun like a little squirrel. came up full of mud and said it felt so weird to be that clean. heheh

  • Mark Mcmorris is the next boss judge!!!

  • absolut park powda

    we had a really cool day at absolut park with my bros from the untouched crew yesterday. after 3 days of durchfall madness i was just so stoked to go ride again. so when we got up i was planing to just do a few runs. but than the conditions were good. there was a bit of pow. so we just keept hiking and hiking till we almost went to slovenia and back. heh… pic-domen bizjak