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  • Cliptionary winner Flo Corzelius

    On saturday night we had the Cliptionary finals. Dachstein shut down the mountain and let us ride the park for the afternoon. my goal was for the 4 riders that got through the internet voting to ride a perfect shaped park and just try to have fun. we were lapping it and had fun and at the end we got a chance to get some hits on the big jump as well. it was a hard battle but at the end it was Flo who is going to go to Whistler for the Camp of Champions with his homie. he was slaughtering the rails and styling up the jump. restepca brother and thank you all for the that joined and helped out.. clip will be out tomorrow!!! (pic-sven schlager)

  • Onboard send off session Kaprun

    we had some special features build for us on Kaprun. Onboard made a really good deal bringing all the guys together and we shredded it up like crazy. we even got some insane MAY POW. i didn’t really think i was going to get a chance to shred pow this season. so you can imagine the stoke there. i had to leave a day early because the Cliptionary finals are on Dachstein tomorrow. 1 more Boss day is coming up…

  • Cliptionary Finals on Dachstein

    The project started in February when riders from all around Europe were invited to submit 1-minute-long clips showing their snowboarding skills. All they needed to do is follow 1 simple rule: clips had to include a bs 5, my favourite trick.

    Clips started rolling in, some had the riding on a pro level, and some were showing the most creative production so far. Some of the riders spiced it up with the 3D technique, whereas the others just destroyed the rails.

    After several months of voting via Facebook, it was Mitja Kodric who received incredible 688 likes, followed by Luka Krajnik with 584 likes. These two lads won a direct spot at the 4 men finals. The remaining 2 spots were decided by the two of the most recognized snowboarders in the world. Eero Ettala chose Daniel Dietrich and Marc McMorris chose Flo Corzelius.

    These are the 4 winners that made it through the online part of the project. Now it is up to them to throw it down in real life.

    Up until now the location of the finals has been kept secret. The time has come to reveal it. The finals will take place on 19 May 2012 on Dachstein in Austria. The action starts in the afternoon when the ski resort is closed, enabling the riders to use the entire snowpark as their playground. They will be judged by their tricks, style and creativity. I will be the only judge.

    The rider I pick, the winner, and this lucky rider will get a chance to go to Whistler and attend the camp of the champions. The rider will bring his homie and they will undoubtedly have a trip of a lifetime.


  • bulgaria with snowboarder mag

    snowboarder mag just posted some more photos from our bulgaria trip. i am really stoked that they liked it so much here in the balkans. i mean who wouldn’t. sick mountains, cheap cheap and nice people. you can check the full story here….

    They sure dont have the 21 years old alcohol law in bugarska. heh


  • solden jump

    joined up with Pirates for a day on the Solden jump. we decided that we will do a sunrise shot. woke up at 4 am and started riding at 5.30. it was awsome. i was not sure what i am doing on the jump for the first half session since i was still sleeping. but than again i never know what i am doing on the jump. heh. we were a cool crew 2 more yugos, jeromel and mico and the .we rode till 3  and enden up a sick day with barbecue.