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  • FS 9s with BURTON…

    the crew throwing down them 9s… a lot of style on the team… and than i am there also. heh


  • 7th at London Freeze

    the comp was really cool. we had really strong winds the day before for the style comp and qualis were just horrible. but when the finals started it got calm so the conditions were pretty good. people were chucking and tricks got stomped. billy morgan took it home for GB. that a boy. today we went around the city and stopped at baysixty6. such a sick skatepark.

  • VIDEO from the skate session

    the premiere/skate session was really a cool event. it reminded me a lot on when i started to ride with my homies. just a crew of friends pushing each other in what later on became my life. everything around you changes all the time but why you stick to something for so manny years is just that one felling that is between you and your board. so pure, so full of joy that nothing surrounding it can ever take it away.

  • YU-GO movie 2nd teaser…wowwww

    Yu-GO First Trailer #2 from YU-GO FIRST on Vimeo.

    damnnnn this is looking way sick. really hyped to see this movie in january. the YUGOs stepping together to show where its at…


  • making of the New Planet Sports commercial

    PLANET SPORTS TV Commercial Winter – Behind the scenes from Planet Sports on Vimeo.

    some hollywood shiat went down when we were filming for the new planet sports commercial. it looks insane.
    and all i can say is that i get broken in a few peaces…