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  • filming the new episode

    after air n style china i went home and than straight of to absolut park. red bull stepped together with the resort and got me a jump build there. it is really hard to get a good park at this time of the year anywhere in europe so it is really cool that we had this rolling. when the jump was ready we started to film for the newest grilosode. we had the phantom camera and we really got some sick shots. was really busy but way worth it. sleep dont you worry about it i am coming at you in the next days….

  • absolut park is ready

    i was at absolut park for the last few days. and it looks dope. the last time i was there it was like summer, went to china and came back into full on winter and a ready park. there is 4 jumps. and a sick jib park for sure like 12 to 15 rails. they are building the red bull jump as we speak and it should have 20m and a good pop to it. i was cruising it up with matias weisenbacher and i cant wait to go back there next week to film the new grilosode. #hellsyeah