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  • rescue mission from the ditch

    we were filming the new episode and went to shred pow and it has been awesome. really good snow most of the time stuck in the fog but no biggy.
    so on our last day me and mark went into the woods, we found some cool stuff to hit and just kind of went with the flow. dropping fall line and following this tracks.
    till we hit a dead end deep in a freaking canyon from hell. no way back no way out. so i gamsed my way out and called the absolut park boss bernd explaining the situation
    how 2 retards who were really sopose to know what they are doing are stuck in the middle of the woods. he like a boss that he is send help straight away so we roped all the equipment and
    mark out of there. kind of funny now but all i can say is i never was so happy to have cell reception. like a baws yolo notkilling it