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  • ANZ Snowboarder story that i wrote


    DUBAI board oasis in the desert….


    It was last summer when I flew to NZ that I saw Dubai, a city in a desert kind of unreal. Looks like it is not a part of this world so unique so insane. As I said when we boarded the plane in Europe, this will be like a journey to Mars but in the end it was even more mind blowing.


    The Grilosodes crew plus the boss himself and probably one of the most well rounded snowboarder of all time Mikkel Bang with our favorite Ozzy and a ultimate rail killer Jye Kearny. Our mission was to snowboard/skate/surf…


    It is really unreal to think that humans are capable of doing this; it kind of struck me when we got there. If we can take a mountain or a wave and put it into a desert we can do anything.  There are a lot of snow domes all over Europe and plenty of skateparks but this is the only place in the world that has both of those and a man made wave pool in a matter of driving distance so that was the reason why we headed to Dubai…


    Dubai is a city a part of the United Emirates, in the Middle East a short five-hour flight from Europe. The country is a home for some of the world’s largest oil reserves and those are in hands of some of the richest people in the world. There are 7 provinces in the United Emirates and these are in hands of 7 Sheikhs and these 7 people are so rich that they take care of everything, there are no taxes no debts there…. No problems. Lets say you get married and you are a citizen of the united emirates, you will be given a land and a home from the sheik, to start you family from. Or the fact that they just pay all the citizen’s debts off every couple of years, or that if you are keen on studying the sheik will pay everything and anywhere in the world for you to do so. It really is a country to live or be a part of.


    Dubai is an Islamic country and with that it brings also some unusual laws, like you are not allowed to hold hands with your girl in public or if you live together and you are not married you might be facing jail time. Of course alcohol is not allowed to be sold as well. In the last couple of years, Dubai became worlds no 1 tourist attraction, so they became more “crazy white kids” friendly and opened  a bunch of clubs and bars so it is not really hard to go for a few bruskis.


    During a day of sightseeing and lurking around the city, we got to check the worlds tallest building (high 830m), the worlds largest mall( 1200+ stores ) and the most expensive hotel (cheapest room 1 night- 16 000$), after which we headed to the Mall of Emirates, covering there the inside ski dome. It is kind of unreal but to see a ski slope in the middle of the mall next to H&M and Top Shop is kinda amazing. The boarding is actually really good. In the last couple of years they invested a lot into building a park with a really fun setup.  We got hooked up with having the dome just to ourselves over the night, so we would just be doing laps in the park till 4 AM. It was a really cool vibe because of shreding together and than Mikkel would be like I want to rip this turn here and we just set it up no biggy and film it, than Jye would go I want to front board this rail and we would just move over and shred that up. No problems no people in the way no distractions.

    On our last day the boys build us a jump, a legit 13m jump. They were really hyped on it because they said it was the biggest jump ever build in the Emirates

    which put some pressure on us, but we handled the 13m and chucked backies all day long. heh


    After 2 days of non-stop boarding we went to Al Ain more specifically to Wadi Adventures, the home of the best wave pool in the world. I really had no idea

    how big this pool is. They can produce 30 different types of waves… from small ones to way overhead, lefts-rights-closeouts, whatever you want. They hooked us up with a private session all 3 days, we were there and we mostly rode the mellow head high closeout. It pumps a perfect wave every 90 seconds and every weave is the same so it was really fun to just cruise on. I really didn’t know how much I sucked at surfing till I got there. When you surf in the ocean every wave is different so it’s hard to know if you did something way better and that is why here you can compere your riding to any wave before the next. I would say this is the spot for all levels of surfing. There is also a sick water park around the wave so you can stay and enjoy yourself there for days.


    On our last day before we headed out, we stopped at Tashkeel for a sick skate bowl. The whole area is really art driven and is owned and run by the queen of Emirates. It is a work space for some of the local and worlds best artists such as Spanish Ruben Sanches. Right in front, they have a nice bowl that they spend their lunch breaks on. There we had the coolest session and a blast.


    We also went sand boarding as a little treat of our trip, but little did we know that snowboards are called like that for a good reason and it does not work the same way on the sand, so we were a bit slower than we thought but still got a chance to do a turn or two and made it down the sand dome with nothing but smiles.


    We went on a snowboard trip somewhere where it is miles away from any real snow or mountains or where the temperature is nothing close to producing any kind of snow but we had the best snowboard trip of a lifetime. A mind blowing experience on every step of the way and the best crew in the world on a trip through the desert. Will I go back, would I recommend it to someone else, is it fun… ?

    A big Hells Yeah for DUBAI!!!!