• meetings before lunch

    i meet up with the guys at red bull in the morning. they were making fun of my comments on the NLP tv show. but no worries they are making fun of me all the time. so everybody relax. hehe


    then i went over to club K4 to meet up with the guys for the premier we have on the 9.12.

    super stooked on the DJ lineup we have but i got a bit scared when he told me how cheap the red bull vodka is going to be. might get a bit out of hand. hah.


  • photoshoot with samo vidic

    this morning at 8.30am

    this is what i was looking at


    and he made this

    Marko Grilc in Ljubljana

    Marko Grilc in Ljubljana

    i think my angle took the killer photo. hah

  • NLP tv show

    yesterday me and cilka sadar went on one of the biggest tv shows in slovenia.

    the hot host Tjasa is actually my neighbor here in the hood and she told me she was madly in love with my brother back in the days. i always knew he was killing it. heh




  • 1st post

    nowadays the request of information between us has accelerated to the point where we need to know what goes down with the people around us at all times. facebook, twitter or this blog are a big breach of privacy, but those are the steps of ones evolution that we need to take. so here we go, i will try to keep it interesting… mg